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The Last Vixen

Once, fox fairies frequent this continent.

They used to smile and bring fruit into the room, accompanied by the despondent scholar red sleeves to add incense night reading.

They used to go to the bottom of the earth to save the life of their lover.

They had a group of thorny hairpin, with the love of the husband and wife, to accompany each other to old age.


Their stories are widely circulated. A piece of Liaozhai, how many men and women have bent. To this day, the fox spirit has become the highest honor for women in the world.

However, their love violates the rules of heaven, is a sinful fate; their love to change the fate of the country, is a scourge; their love to revive the dead, is a chaotic life. So the gods of heaven, earth and man were outraged, and once they joined forces, the Jade Stone was burned.

I don't know which day, the scholar in the broken temple can no longer wait for the smiley flowers, once the happy little family wife died and children died.

The wind is always blown away by the rain.

Chapter 1

A hundred secrets, there is a very clever Arctic blue fox spirit broke through the blockade, aboard a country's Arctic research ship, special drilling in the bottom of the cabin in the unstoppable hot boiler room, to the Arctic cold place, hiding under the ten thousand years of ice, thus picking up a life.

One day.

Two days, three days, to the morning of the fourth day, the distant sky without the gods clamoring for the so-called colorful auspicious clouds, blue fox spirit only then breathed a sigh of relief, put down his heart. He was about to go out for food when he suddenly heard the sound of soft footsteps coming from outside the cave. This extremely northern land, what other animals will come to stop? Of course, it will not be the behemoth polar bear's clumsy footsteps, only his own family Arctic fox.

Sure enough, after a while, a snow-white head peeked over, mischievously opened one eye, closed one eye, and smilingly said: "You don't have to hide, I've smelled you. I also know that you have not been out since you came in, are you hungry now? I have a frozen lemming here, what do you take to exchange with me?" Said while turning back to pick out a lemming tail in the hole wagging.

 Blue fox spirit looked at the huge lemming straight gulp, if ...... if such a lemming to eat, by the gods to fight off the cultivation will not recover a little? The fierce fight so far, at least a week has not eaten, should we agree to the conditions of this little snow fox? But he escaped alone, his body has nothing, and what can be exchanged with it?

    Look at the blue fox spirit throat straight trembling, the little snow fox a guess to know how it will be, squinting eyes, wrinkling nose, a cunning smile: "In fact, you came in when I have seen it, you were walking like a drum, even the seashore shells will be scared away by you, let alone catch such a fat lemming. Look at you, you have not come out for three days, this hole and so cold, you should eat and climb out of the sun. I'm just saying this to you with good intentions."

    The blue fox spirit life to be strong, at the moment even the strength to stand up, only angry glare at the little snow fox, a turn of the brain has been understood, "So, you are deliberately waiting outside for three days, have to wait until I can not move when willing to show up?"

    The little snow fox is squinting and laughing again: "Haha, you are really smart, not worse than me. But I'm not just waiting at the door, I go out for food every day. This lemming is the biggest and fattest one I've caught recently, do you think I'm conscience enough to leave such a big one for you."

The blue fox spirit strongly resisted to turn his eyes to the fat lemming, too tempting, afraid that he would die under this temptation. "Tell me, what do you want from me?"

    The little snow fox finally opened his eyes round and said, "Wow, you finally agreed, I thought the big fox would not care about our little fox. I don't ask for anything else, after you get well, you have to tell me ten stories. And it must all be stories that interest me oh."

    The blue fox spirit then understood that this little guy did not have malicious intent, it was his own long experience in the human world, the thought is too complicated. "All right, I promise you. I can tell you twenty stories." The blue fox spirit kind of liked this cunning little snow fox.

    The little snow fox was again squinting and smiling, looking very cheerful. Little carefully poked out a foot to step further, stamping hard before reaching into another foot. Look at its movement odd, the blue fox spirit thought before understanding, right, they came in with the last strength to set up the boundary, such as no Taoist little thing of course three days inside near the hole can not be, it seems not it calculate their own, but their own careful to be careful harm. Then busy and kindly said: "Now it's okay, you can dare to come in. Is it that you have not been able to enter the first three days?"

 I don't want the little snow fox blinked and denied: "No, I didn't even want to care about you before, why are you so lazy, dinner to wait for people to send to the door? Today look at you poor, at least my uncle is also the Arctic blue fox, even if it is to save its brother." But strange, the little snow fox but did not give the fat lemming to the blue fox spirit, but smilingly curled up in a ball around it, only to take a pair of charming eyes one by one to measure the blue fox spirit.

    Although the blue fox spirit is hungry to death, but self-respecting identity, do not want to take issue with the little guy, can only heart a sigh of relief, slightly closed his eyes. The tiger falls flat, what can be done? It is difficult not to pounce on the little one to grab?

    I don't want him to be thinking nonsense when his nose was touched by something, he opened his eyes to see, in front of a piece of meat dripping with fresh blood. What happened, it was not frozen? Now understand, this little snow fox is afraid that he is weak, eat frozen food tummy, so first take their body heat to open the lemmings. And afraid that he did not have the strength to bite, but also to tear him into a piece. The blue fox spirit forgiveness is very knowledgeable, at this moment is also touched and guilty, delicious lemmings to eat, but feel sore throat, did not expect a lifetime of good strong, but at the moment is to take care of small friends, and later body recovery, must be the whole body skills to teach all to the little snow fox.

    Eat a mouse, blue fox spirit only feel the warmth of the stomach up, filling the whole body, he could not help but yawn, three days without sleep, now the crisis is eliminated, stomach feeding, sleepiness can not stop invading the whole body. Really can't, no thousand years of cultivation, the former child to lay the boundary and has exhausted his last divine power, now he is like a mundane, no, only afraid that even ordinary mundane are worse. He almost forgot that he is an old fox, a long dead fox. Without the whole body cultivation, I am afraid that the death should be near. He closed his eyes, his heart was full of desolation.

    Unexpectedly, this closed eyes to the past sleep. It was hard to wake up, it was dark outside, the blue fox spirit has seen a lot of knowledge, know that the Arctic winter day is very short, but unfortunately there is no watch on the hand, everything back to the original, do not know what time it is. By the reflection of the snow and ice, the blue fox spirit see this cute little snow fox especially crossed nose sleep sweetly, yes, almost forgot, the Arctic fox winter after eating is not much move, so as not to consume too much heat. This understanding little guy, sleep are not forget to lean on him to give him warmth, blue fox spirit before is not without the benefit of others, but a thousand years down, then the soft heart also gradually numb, non-to this desperate days, to feel the warmth of others, no, don't fox. The little snow fox is undoubtedly a blessing in the snow. Just, I do not know after teaching their skills to the little snow fox, is it harm it or for its good? To be honest, a thousand years of immortality, even if there was once promised to life and death of the lover, to later is relatively tasteless, it is good that there are so many foxes to accompany. But now they all go with the wind, only a small snow fox left, it will be how lonely. But then the blue fox spirit laughed, this can also have to worry about? I will teach the little snow fox, the little snow fox will not teach its brothers and sisters?