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Broken Veins Cultivation

  “Most people absorb heaven and earth yuan qi while sensing the stars, so that even if they can’t become a martial destiny cultivator, they won’t delay the cultivation of martial cultivation, and the way you do it, brother Wen Tian, is to determine that you must condense the star soul and become a martial destiny cultivator, so wouldn’t that be risky, in case you can’t become a martial destiny cultivator, you’d delay your cultivation. ” Bai Qing sat beside Qin Wentian and said.

      “Qing’er, how many types of star souls have you heard of?” Qin asked.

     “Very few, not many people in Tianyong City have coalesced their star souls, I have not heard much about it, what about you, brother Asking Heaven?”

     “In the galaxy of the nine heavens, the martial stars are endless, and each martial star corresponds to an astral soul.”

     “Coalesce the Lion Star Soul, which when coalesced gives you the strength of a fierce beast that can easily tear apart a tiger or leopard; there is the Heaven’s Eye Star Soul, who enhances your visual perception, allowing you to see farther and perceive better when fighting; there is the Forge Star Soul, which allows you to become a powerful forger. There is the Great Dream Star Soul, which allows you to cultivate in your dreams, and can also put others in a dream state, and so on!”

     “Cultivating in dreams and making people dream is so amazing.” Bai Qing murmured.

     “The continent is very big, I heard that in the outside world, many powerful people have many kinds of star souls, they fly to the sky and disappear to the earth and can do anything, only the martial destiny cultivator, is the master of this continent, ordinary martial cultivators, like ants, can not become a martial destiny cultivator, it is better not to cultivate. ” Qin Wentian’s eyes were filled with a smattering of fervor, he must become a powerful martial fate cultivator, condense all kinds of different star souls, and go out to see the world.

    Uncle Black has said that Tianyong City is too small, an ant in front of the continent.

     “But I heard ……” Bai Qing wanted to say something.

     “I heard that I was born with an extinct vein and can’t cultivate is that right.” Qin Wentian said with a smile, and then sat up, “Who said that born with a terminal vein cannot cultivate, I will definitely become a martial fate cultivator.”

    Seeing Qin Wentian’s confident smile, Bai Qing also smiled sweetly, “I also believe in brother Wentian, then I will leave first so as not to disturb brother Wentian from becoming a martial fate cultivator.”

      “En, go, remember to rest early, and, don’t absorb heaven and earth yuan qi.” Qin Wentian instructed.

     “Got it.” Bai Qing spat her tongue at Qin Wentian, and then trotted away. Looking at Bai Qing’s delicate back, Qin Wentian realized that unknowingly, this girl had also grown up. Fifteen years old, she was already a pavilion, and was no longer the little girl she knew three years ago.

    After Bai Qing left, Qin Wentian began to cultivate, only to see him close his eyes and enter a meditative state, in Qin Wentian’s body, the meridians were almost completely broken, more than just born with extinct veins, but he seemed unconcerned, leading the stars into his body, swimming around the broken veins, the violent star yuan power source hit towards the fragile meridians, and. It seems to crush it completely.

    In a flash, Qin Wentian’s face was filled with a painful look, a pain that was more than ten times what Bai Qiu Xue endured, yet he still clenched his teeth.

    The meridians are distributed within the human body and connect the human torso. Broken meridians are equivalent to cripples and belong to an incomplete torso, and people of the martial arts practice to constantly widen the meridians, even after the body refining realm, they have to remodel the meridians and forge the nine major veins to reach the seven main orifices, the five viscera, the six internal organs, the four limbs and the hundred bones, making the human potential constantly being The potential of a person is constantly tapped and developed.

    Qin Wentian almost became a cripple when he first destroyed his meridians, however, Uncle Black used medicine to cleanse his torso so that he was not crippled, plus Qin Wentian exercised his body daily and never stopped, giving him the physique of a normal person.

    However, shattered veins are certainly not Qin Wentian’s goal, and it is documented that the only way to shape the most perfect star chakra is to have shattered meridians, called, “broken and then established!