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Broken Veins Cultivation

In the Nine Heavens Continent, there are nine star rivers above the vault of the sky, and billions of stars, all of which are martial destiny stars, and people of the martial dao can communicate with the stars, awaken their star souls, and become martial destiny cultivators. Legend has it that the most powerful martial practitioners in the Nine Heavens continent can open a star gate with each breakthrough, thus communicating with a star, until they have their own martial stars in the nine heavens, transforming into a heavenly and earthly divine king. Billions of living beings, the heavens and the world, Qin Wentian smiled at the sky, he wants to be the sky, the brightest star.

On the Nine Heavens Continent, there are nine star rivers above the vault of the sky, each of which is interwoven by endless stars.

The people of the continent worship martial arts, and humans grow up to become a martial arts practitioner by meditating, perceiving the vital energy of heaven and earth, exhaling and cultivating, practicing qi and nourishing the spirit, and practicing gongfu.

Humans with strong perception, they can, through meditation, sense the existence of the nine heavenly stars and rivers, absorb the star power, and even, communicate with one of the stars, condense the star soul, and become an honored martial life cultivator.

There are even powerful people who, after becoming Martial Fate cultivators, condense star energy, continuously strengthen themselves, break through the martial realm, open up star gates, thus communicating with more stars and condensing multiple star souls.

Legend has it that the most powerful martial cultivators in the Nine Heavens continent can open a star gate with each breakthrough of a realm, thus communicating with a star, until, let there be their own martial destiny stars in the Nine Heavens, transforming into the heavenly and earthly Nine Heavens God of War.


Chu Kingdom, Tian Yong City, Bai Family.

Bai Qiu Xue's forehead was covered with sweat, as if it was extremely painful, yet she still clenched her teeth and persevered.

Under the night, the starlight above the sky dome constantly sprinkled on Bai Qiu Xue's body, reflecting her soft body, as well as sweat-soaked clothes and hidden white skin, however, at this moment, Qin Wentian does not have the heart to appreciate this beauty.

"Keep your heart, pain is but an idea, empty yourself, imagine that at this moment you are a beautiful spirit, is soaring in the nine heavens and the stars, enjoying the gorgeous beauty of the stars, like a dream, as for the pain a dream will pass."

Qin Wentian's voice was soft and gentle, blowing into Bai Qiuxue's eardrums with the wind, making the trembling of her body become much lighter.

When the ups and downs of Bai Qiu Xue's body gradually calmed down, Qin Wentian took out nine silver needles and stabbed them into Bai Qiu Xue's skull.

"Ah ......" Bai Qing beside her nearly cried out in shock when she saw this scene, her small hand covering her mouth as she looked at Qin Wentian's crazy move and then at her sister Bai Qiu Xue.

"Attract the power of the stars into your body, swim through your meridians, and seal into the star gate." Qin Wentian's voice seemed dreamlike as it continued to float into Bai Qiu Xue's ears, causing the star power to be continuously drawn into Bai Qiu Xue's body, circulating around the heavens.

"Rejoin the ethereal, you are now the consciousness body, find the star you like and merge your consciousness with it."

Qin Wentian's voice was permeated with a hypnotic power, only to see slowly, in the sky above Bai Qiu Xue's head, gradually coalesced a virtual shadow, is a golden crane spreading its wings, full of curves and power beauty.

Bai Qing beauty eyes opened wide, this is, star soul shadow ...... sister, really want to condense the star soul.

"Next, rely on yourself." Qin Wentian heart secretly said, that still slightly young teenage face above, slightly a few gaze.

Bai Qiu Xue's body, starlight, finally a crane sounded, the golden crane solidified, a terrifying star power diffused out, Bai Qiu Xue's beautiful eyes opened, as bright as the stars.

"It worked." Bai Qing directly jumped up with joy, then only saw her hug Qin Wentian, incoherently shouted: "Brother Wentian, it really worked."

Saying that, she also unceremoniously Qin Wentian's face a kiss.

Qin Wentian's eyes also revealed a brilliant smile with an innocent sunny aura, without any trace of the seriousness just now.

"How many heavens?" Qin Wentian looked at his fiancée and asked with a smile.

"The third heavens." Bai Qiu Xue also smiled, very bright and certainly very beautiful, Bai Qiu Xue is sixteen years old, is one of the four most beautiful women in Tian Yong City, the Bai family's eldest young lady.

"The third heaven, sister has communicated the third heaven star to condense the star soul for the first time, then wouldn't it be easy to condense the second and third star soul in the future, great, I'll go tell father." Bai Qing acted as if she was even happier than her sister.

"No need." Only to see a middle-aged man coming from not far away, it was Bai Qiu Xue and Bai Qing Qing's father, Bai Qingsong, only to see his hands were slightly trembling, looking at Bai Qiu Xue, smiling, "Qiu Xue, hard work."

"Father, if it wasn't for brother Qiantan, sister wouldn't have been able to condense her star soul." Bai Qing muttered, Bai Qingsong then looked at Qin Wentian, smiled and said, "Wentian, today has also been hard on you, you should rest early, Qiu Xue and I will leave first."

"Okay Uncle Bai." Qin Wentian responded with a smile, ever since the Qin family and the Bai family made a marriage contract three years ago, Bai Qingsong had invited him to stay at the Bai family from time to time, he was kind and treated him very well.

"Qing girl, you also come with me, don't disturb your brother Qiantan." Bai Qingsong said to Bai Qing, but saw Bai Qing spit out her tongue: "Why doesn't father force me to shout brother-in-law today, I'm here to chat with brother Qiantan, you and sister go ahead and get busy."

Bai Qingsong glanced at Bai Qing, then nodded and left with Bai Qiu Xue.

"Sister's first star soul has communicated with the third heaven's star, father must be going to another meeting with the family elders, I don't want to go." Bai Qing saw Bai Qingsong leave and grinned: "Brother Qiantan, I didn't believe it before, but I didn't think you really did it, you didn't let sister absorb heaven and earth yuan qi before, nor did you let her condense her star soul in advance, was it just for today?"

"After absorbing the heaven and earth yuan qi, the heaven and earth yuan qi exists in the meridians and nooks in the body, the sense for the star power is bound to be weaker, and the hope of condensing the star soul is a few points less." Qin Wentian lay on the ground, looking at the sky full of stars.